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We can declare that Drucktech has revolutionised the transfer technology by 1developing the membrane heat presses. All of the customers are satisfied with this solution. The main point is: a special rubber plate is bent over the whole surface of the lower plate and compressed air is blown under it. The compressed air ensures a unique high pressure for transfering. This solution works very well and has proven to have many advantages over the conventional manual and pneumatic heat-press system:

  • It equalizes the differences in the thickness of the material, there is no need for using inlays, so the procedure is faster. The transfer picture can be also ironed near to buttons or zippers. Sewings dont mean a problem anymore, not even caps with sewing in the middle.
  • You can achieve high pressure (0,5-0,7 kp/cm²) with the machine. There are some materials that need such high pressure which cannot be achieved by using a simple manual heat press.
  • The pressure is equal on every part of the table.
  • It is easy to use, it is easy to open and to close.
  • The parameters of the ironing ( pressure, temerature, time) can be reproduced.
  • This all goes hand in hand with a minimal usage of compressed air, the heat press works with a lower output compressor as well.
  • The abrasion of the mechanical parts is minimal as the heat-press is opened and closed in an unloaded state.

These advantages are available for minimal costs, around the price of a quality heat press.

90% of our products go export.

Due to its robust construction and high quality components, the number of failures is negligible.